MINDCAN Cloud Based Online Drone Coding Competition


1. What should I do if I can’t receive email about the two accounts for practice
    and competition from Competition Committee?



  1. Please check your spam folder in your email box, if that was classified as an "Spam mail" and blocked in spam folder. The title of the letter is " Your Accounts in MINDCAN Cloud Based Online Drone Coding Competition"

  2. If you still can’t find out the mail in spam folder, please email us the following registration information at williamz@mindcan.com.au, or ring us at 0466679195, we will help you to fix it soonest:

       Competition group​:


       School Name:

​       Grade:


2. Where can I download wikidueAPP?


  1. If your device is iOS device such as iPhone or iPad, please download from the following link or scan the QR code :


  2. If your device is Android device, please download from the following link or scan the QR code:


3. What version of the device is compatible for the app Wikidue APP?


​     The minimum version for wikidue APP :
     iOS 12.0 and above
     Android 7.0 and above


4. What should I do if I was failed to log in?


  1. Confirm that the APP is "wikidueApp", not "Tello Edu App".


  2. Please select the server where you will log on – global ( not China ).
    Please confirm that your account name and password are entered correctly.

5. What's the difference between the two apps - WikidueApp and TELLO EDU?


     Both Apps are from the same developer - Wikidue, and with very similar block challenges across planets in both
     apps. However, TELLO EDU is globally operating with millions of users always, not convenient to host cloud
     competition, and tailor-made new tasks in TELLO EDU app for competition only, so the developer will help us to
     customize our special tasks and planets for competition only, in the app wikidueApp, and all data and account
     would be well protected and deliberately activated and deactivated, complying with competition rule.

     If you are familiar with the tello edu, all block coding is the same in wikidueApp.

6. I forgot my account password?


    If you lose your practice and competition account, please contact us by email

   or phone:


    Email: williamz@mindcan.com.au

    Tel:   0466679195


7. How do I get into the spacecraft for practice?


  1. Please click on the red box first


  2. Click on the airplane icon on the left


  3. Finally, click "Soli" to explore the virtual planet for practice.






8. I installed the wikidue APP and successfully logged in, but did not see the planet?


     Your account information may be not correct, please contact us as soon as possible.

9. When I log in, shows the error message "The device is not connected to the network, please confirm the network and try again".


  1. Please confirm whether to connect Wi-Fi or mobile network successfully.

  2. Confirm that the network can be connected to the Internet (for example, it can be connected to https://www.google.com)

  3. If you confirm that the network is connected, and this message still shows on, it may be a problem with the device.  Please restart your phone or Pad.

10. When I log in to the competition account, I can't preview the contest on the homepage?


  1. Please make sure that you have logged in with competition account, instead of practice account

  2. Please go to Google Play Store or App Store to update wikidueApp to the latest version

11. If I login already, Can I restart the Countdown in the middle way?


​    No, if there is less than 30 minutes before the end of the competition, you can only compete in the remaining time. 
     Please complete the competition as early as possible within the period.​


12. What should I do if I was logged out during the 30 minute competition, 
      caused by internet connection? And the period would be counted by the


​    Please search and reconnect the network as soon as possible, log in with your competition account again.
     The countdown is automatic by cloud, unfortunately, the logout and waiting period would be also countable
     by the system, and be regarded as in 30 minutes inclusively.

13. I can’t find my name in the result published after the competition?


​    Your account information may be wrong, please contact us as soon as possible.

     Email: williamz@mindcan.com.au

     Tel:   0466679195

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