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MindCan Let Kids Have Better Understanding Of How Technologies And Programs Works In The World And Prepare The Skills For Future When Playing With Code.

We at the MINDCAN STEAM Institute, aim to help you along your road to become engaged in the joys of STEAM. We host all sorts of robotics competitions where students come from all around the world to compete against each other and even code drones and race them. Now the road to becoming an engineer is not a short one. Instead of playing all day with iPads and smartphones, you must understand how the computer works and how to use new technologies to change the world. Students are not just learning to code but also learning logic thinking, how to analysis/to solve problems and improve their mathematics and geometry.

Now we here at MINDCAN STEAM Institute have a multitude of courses of which you already know engineering robotics and astronauts. So now in robotics, you will learn plenty about creating and coding robots.


WER Australia

International STEM Competition 

Address: PO Box 139, Sunnybank, Qld 4109, Australia,

1644 Logan road, Mount Gravatt, QLD 4122

Email:     info@werau.org

Phone:    07-37114958


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