MINDCAN Cloud Based Online Drone Coding Competition

Competition Rule

1. Competition Information

     1. Online Drone competition Time:

           Any 30 minutes from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on 22/08 (Saturday),

           Participants are requested to log in with their unique account in the competition app on any 30 minutes timeslot,
           to participate during this period, not logging in or login in after this period is considered as an abstention.


     2. Registration Deadline:

            Before 08:00 pm on Aug 18, 2020, the online registration link will be published at www.werau.org/competition,                        and the registration will be opened until the deadline at 08: 00 pm on 20 June 2020.   

        3. Competition registration method:
               Individual registration and group registration.

       4Registration link:          


        5. Category of competition grouping:
              Elementary group - Primary School.
              Intermediate group - High School.

        6. Applicable Devices:               
               Android or iOS Device.


        7. The APP used in the contest:                              

              wikidueApp,  ( similar app and same developer of TELLO EDU )

             please download it from the          App Store or Google Play store, For keywords, please enter "wikidue",
             or scan the QR Code below to download wikidueApp



             Wikidue logo                   App Store                    Google Play

      8. Accounts for competition:                                     

            8.1.  This competition will provide two accounts to every participant in the by 20/8/2020, one for practice in
                    21/8/2020, and one for official competition.  The account will be sent by E-Mail on 20/8, according to
                    registration information, please make sure to fill in the correct E-Mail when registering.
            8.2.  Announcement of the championship:  25/8.

            8.3.  Practice account:

                     An account is activated for practice only, from 00:00 21/8/20 (Friday )  to 4:00 pm at 22/8/20 (Saturday)

           8.4. Official competition account:

                    An account is activated for competition only, from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm Australian Time on 22/8 Saturday.

2. WikidueApp practice rules

       1. Practice account: Account opening time 21/08 (00:00 Friday ) -22/8 ( 4:00pm Sat ).

             You can log in to wikidueApp for free practice first with the practice account during this period
             which unlimited time.

        2.  Unlock the first planet of the aircraft (Soli) to practice, please try how to use the interface 
            operation and coding skill. Soli is the planet of practice, as shown in the following figure (Figure 1).


                                              (Figure 1)

        3. The practice score is for reference only and will not be included in the official competition score.

3. Description of Official competition

       1. The competition is 30 minutes only. Complete 65 tasks on 2 planets (Sori and Metallum), You have to start the
            challenge in order from the first planet Soli 1-1

       2. The official competition account will be opened at 9:00 am 22/8/2020,  Please login with an official account from
             9:00 am to 4:00 pm and participate in the competition.

       3. Click the timer start button to start the contest, the countdown time will appear on the wikidueApp screen,
             please enter the planet and pass the task, as shown in the following figure (Figure 2 - Figure 4).
             3.1  Figure 2 shows the login screen during the contest. Click the “START!” will start the countdown.

             3.2  Figure 3 Select the planet to start the task, the right corner icon will shows the remaining time, the number
                     of tasks passed and Number of stars.

             3.3  Figure 4 shows the screen of the task. The countdown time will be showed in the task.

                                                                                                 Figure 2 - Figure 4 (From left to right)

       4. When entering the task, drag the blocks under the “click to start”, after coding,
             click " click to start " to execute the process which shown in the following figure (Figure 5).

                                                        (Figure 5)

       5. The following picture (figure 6) will appear as a result of not passing the level successfully.
             You need to revise the program and test again and the score will be calculated after completing the level.

                                                             (Figure 6)

       6. When 30 minutes countdown, whatever the level is completed or not, the total points would come up in the
             screen as the final score in the competition, if you forget to click "click to start" and complete the level correctly,
             the level you participated will not be counted.

       7. After the contest, and your 30 minutes count down, the official account will be closed. The result of the points
             ranking will be announced on the website: www.werau.org/competition on 25/8. 

4. Scoring criteria or calculation of results

        1. At each level, there will be hints on how to get the stars. You need to complete the specified conditions to get the 
            start. The condition will be changed according to the different level, as shown in Figure 7.


                                                             (Figure 7)

        2. When you passed each level, you can see the number of stars and the scores. The system will count out
              the total points.  According to the total points ranking, the participant with the highest points is ranked first.

        3. If the final points are the same, they will be tied for the same place.

        4. High score skill:  The fewer times you pass through the same level and the faster you get three stars,
              the higher your points will be. Break through the successful tasks, the screen would be shown as in the
              following figure (Figure 8)


                                                             (Figure 8)

5. Reward

        1. One TELLO EDU drone would be awarded as prize to champion in every group.

6. Precautions

       1. Please pay attention to the time counting when the practice account is activated, and try the buttons
            in wikidueApp.

       2. Please pay attention to the official competition period, from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, if you login out of the period,
             you will be disqualified.

       3. Please check the operating environment and equipment conditions before login, such as: whether the network
            connection is good, device battery and other factors that may affect the contest.


       4. If the network environment or the device is not in good condition, you might be impossible to carry out the online
             contest within the time. 

       5. Log in to the official account before the competition, you will see the information in the following figure
            (Figure 9 to Figure 10), the icon is not shown in practice account.  

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